Fiver Fest

The Totally Locally Durham Fiver Fest – 9th to 23rd October 2021

Come on in to Durham and shop like your high street depends on it!  And grab a bargain, or two!  Or as many as you like!

Durham’s independents will once again be participating in the National Fiver Fest – with loads of our independents are taking part.

Calling all independents … if you’re keen to take part, you’re completely welcome!  Just email

Or scoot down this page and fill in the form.

So why a Fiver Fest?

Let’s keep it simple … if every adult in Durham spent just £5 extra each week in our city’s independent shops and businesses, instead of with nationals or at the big supermarkets, it would put £5million into our local economy!  That means more jobs, better facilities, and generally a nicer place to live!  That sounds good doesn’t it?

Hang on … I’m an independent and I want to take part!

Fab … please do!  Complete the form below and you’re in!

Even if the Fiver Fest has already started, just complete it and we’ll get promoting you and your offers – it costs you nothing!