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What they say...

I just wanted to say a big thank you from Durham Distillery for organising the Fiver Fest.  We had a great response!

Why join Totally Locally Durham?

Because, together we can compete with nationals and chains, the out of town retail parks and the online giants!

We won’t each be a lone voice … we can amplify each other’s messages, we can respond quickly, we can make things happen and we can show people the impact of their decision to shop local (a thriving and unique city centre).

What’s Involved?

First of all, there’s no cost to you.  But if you can commit some time to making Totally Locally Durham work then that would be great.

For starters, we’d like you to complete the form below.  We’ll then get youo on the website and shout about you on our social media accounts (follow them, and we’ll follow you back, and then we can amplify one another’s messages).  We will be asking for photos, if you haven’t got any we can pop round and take some, but we can discuss that once you’ve signed up!



But Will It Work? 

Totally Locally is not a new idea – and it’s not unique to Durham.  Totally Locally is the UK’s biggest grass-roots high street campaign.  So big, that it’s been picked up by towns around the world … it has an internationally-proven track record.  It’s a concept exclusively for independent businesses, it’s tried and tested, and it’s got a growing national profile, now running National Fiver Fest campaigns backed by national PR campaigns.

Visitors to Durham may already know about Totally Locally from their home … we may already be on our way to making a difference with them.