Juliet Percival Illustration


Bespoke hand-drawn illustrations


Juliet Percival Illustration

Juliet creates hand-drawn illustrations for books, magazines, greeting cards, wedding stationery, maps, leaflets and flyers.

Pop in and you could be taking home a signed limited-edition print or personalised gift certificates.



Studio 6, Fowler’s Yard, Back Silver Street, Durham DH1 3RA

Durham Sector

Silver Street & Back Silver Street/  Fowler’s Yard


Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm


07790 151109

100% Beautiful

Juliet is an award-winning artist … what she does is bring to life complex information in the most beautiful, technically accurate form with her hand-drawn illustrations.

Information is important … but with Juliet’s help it’s never going to be boring, ugly or intimidating.


Juliet Percival Illustration